Some ideas to get you thinking, and key words to kickstart your search-engines

  • Fundamental topics, like interpretations of quantum mechanics (Copenhagen, many-worlds, spontaneous collapse, Bohmian), quantum gravity

  • Specific quantum phenomenon, like quantum superposition, entanglement, wave-particle duality, tunnelling, non-locality

  • Quantum technologies, like quantum computers (software or hardware), quantum communication, quantum cryptography, quantum sensing, qubits (the Bloch sphere, or how qubits can be created physically)

  • Quantum techniques and thought experiments, like quantum teleportation, quantum computing algorithms, quantum bomb tester

  • Quantum experiments, like creating Bose-Einstein condensates or sending quantum particles to space on satellites

  • Quantum measurement, where quantum systems have been used to make the most accurate and precise measurements

  • Links between quantum and other areas: quantum thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, quantum biology...

  • Quantum physics in everyday life - how does quantum physics underlie technology used in our phones? How does quantum physics explain how matter is solid?

  • History of quantum physics - how was quantum physics discovered? What experiments led to breakthroughs in quantum physics?

  • Philosophy of quantum physics - how can we interpret quantum effects like superposition and entanglement? What does it tell us about reality?

  • Lives of quantum physicists - Could focus on Nobel-prize winning historic figures like Schrödinger, Einstein, Heisenberg, Marie Curie and Irène Joliot-Curie, or reveal the story and impact of a little-known or underappreciated scientist, or of figures working in quantum physics today.

  • Quantum in industry - how are companies becoming interested in quantum technologies?

  • The future of quantum - what are the biggest current mysteries in quantum research? What can be expected to come after quantum physics?

... these are some ideas for getting started, but we encourage you to think outside the box